Nncord's mission is to enable growth, prosperity, and fulfillment of our customer and their business needs.

Since our founding, Nncord strives to innovate and provide digital evolution, agile transformation, and business growth to our users. Because we only believe in high-quality service, Nncord accommodates marketing, business, and software services in one place to enable the business maturity of our users. From the time being of Nncord, a lot has changed. We acquire deeper knowledge, experience, and purpose. But some things haven’t changed, our trust in people, dedication to consistent improvement, and courage to make a difference.

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Our services


From a marketing side, Nncord specialization reflects in digital marketing services. We provide vast services in social media, web site and e-commerce growth and management, advertising campaigns, design services, and SEO optimization. Our purpose is to improve your digital image, attract more customers, and sell your products or services.


Today, innovation is key for business success. In order to be competitive in your domain, you need to keep pace with fast technology enhancement and changes. Nncord can help you with that. We provide a web site, e-commerce and mobile development with the latest technologies to make your business accessible to everyone. Also, we can give you an advanced data analysis using data that your company store every day. Having this, we can address where you can improve your products, services, and even how you manage your business. This can reduce your expenses while increasing the quality of your work.


High-quality business model is the key to every business success. Together with Nncord, you can create a precise business model and plan which will enable your startup or company future existence, growth, and prosperity. With our research and consulting services, you can worry less about what the future brings. Together, we are stronger.

What else we provide?


Functionality is fundamental, but it is also important to look nice. Today, people favor choosing products/services based on how they look and what they represent.
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Artificial Intelligence

To progress, businesses need to follow the state-of-the-art principles and technologies in the related domains. Majority of them are related to artificial intelligence (AI).
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Have you ever thought about having a smart house/office solution? Or even to possess a unique and customized hi-tech gadget that caters just for your needs?
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Our key values


At Nncord, we value knowledge as one of the most important values that a person possesses. As an outcome, we surround us with the smartest and most creative people in the industry. Without it, it is impossible to achieve anything.


If you don’t innovate your business will not stand up to your competition. In today’s market, innovation, creativity, and imagination have become the catchwords and the most important areas for growth. As a result, we strive to be more innovative in each segment of our profession and to help you achieve them.


Trust is the most important value of every business and person. If there is no trust, there is no growth and prosperity. Therefore, we carefully choose employees, clients, and partners to work with. We are always looking for a long-term partnership, so trust is our main concern when choosing what and with who to work next.